Create a better future by building your career with Maratan

With Maratan we help you get the career training program that is right for you, we help you get certified, get connected with the right employers, and guide you to finding your dream job and building a strong career.


We are a social impact startup that helps companies attract and retain reliable and talented staff. Maratan means second chance in Arabic and represents the founders' vision that everyone deserves a second chance. Maratan's mission is to provide companies with reliable and talented staff in a sustainable way while creating social impact by helping people find work at their level.

We have experience in the field of recruitment and selection within the community of people with a distance to the labor market, including newcomers. Together we have ensured that hundreds of people have followed career paths and entrepreneurial programs in the Netherlands. With Maratan we want to make sure that in the next two years more than 500 status holders will be able to start their new jobs.


Apply for jobs

To get started towards your career goals simply apply to the desired vacancy attaching your updated CV.

Guidance Session

We will schedule a session to better understand your needs and learn more about your career goals and provide guidance on any enhancements to your CV.

We get to work!

We will then forward your resume to our employer partners and keep you informed if any of them show interest in your profile

Trainings for you

We will help you kickstart your career journey by providing you with a Complete training using a step by step career coaching program that is made especially for you.


At Maratan we understand how challenging it can be for you to start building your career in a new country. You must learn a new language, integrate into the community, and learn about all the aspects that can help you in building your life and profession.

Your ambition and motivation as a newcomer who is driven to create a better future is what inspires us at Maratan to help you through every step of the process. We do that by providing you with a career training program that is right for you, equal job opportunities, and we connect you with the right employers to help you kickstart your journey and start building your career.


We are constantly expanding our network and doing our best to be a strong and reliable guide for all your career development needs. We have established relationships with companies in a number of industries to give our candidates access to opportunities in healthcare, dental, IT, Data Science, finance and logistics.


At Maratan, we understand the challenges of starting a career in a new country, this is why we have created a specialised process to guide you through every step necessary to a better future. Our proven process is:


Complete training through step-by-step career Made especially for you to succeed


We help you build connections with your future employers and we support you in the application and negotiation process.


After getting hired, we provide you with great employment conditions, career coaching on-the-job, and we stay on the lookout for more opportunities that can help you in building your career further.


Below you will find the most common questions and answers. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for here then please contact us directly and we will be happy to provide you with the information you need.

Maratan helps you to get on board at the right level. If you still need to work on your language, you can often already start working for an employer in your field. This is usually in a different position than the one you eventually want. We help you to quickly work towards your dream job and get your Dutch up to the required level.
Maratan offers various jobs in such fields as logistics. Here you can gain work experience in a Dutch environment, for example while you are working on getting your diplomas.
We will contact you within a week of your application. Depending on your profile and experience, we can help you quickly. Please note that application procedures can take a long time. We usually see that good candidates should be able to find a job or internship that suits them within 3-4 months
You may always seek employment through other agencies. We do ask that you tell us who else you are working with and if you have any other job applications pending so that we can best help you
If you are receiving benefits, you may sometimes feel that you are restricted from following your dream career by your local council. With the various entry-level jobs Maratan offers, you can quickly leave benefits and be fully independent.


Maratan offers you the career training that fits you, equal employment opportunity, and connects you with the right employers to help you find your dream job and successfully build your career

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Here you will find articles that may contain important information that can help you on your way to a more sustainable future with living and working in the Netherlands.