Maratan is a social impact startup focused on meeting the needs of companies of attracting and retaining reliable and talented staff. Maratan means a second opportunity in Arabic and represents the founders' vision that everyone deserves a second chance. Maratan's mission is to provide companies with reliable talented staff in a sustainable way while creating social impact by helping people find work.


The founders of Maratan have extensive experience in the field of recruitment and selection within the community of people with a distance to the labor market, including newcomers. Together we ensure that every year more than 50 people find a job and that so far 70 have started their own business or have become self-employed in the Netherlands. With Maratan we will help more than 500 of these people find a job in the next two years.


How it works?

Currently, we are particularly active in the Healthcare, IT, Logistics and Engineering sectors.

Direct Contact

Contact Diederick (diederick@maratan.nl) about job openings that need to be filled at your company.

Quick Approach

We will respond within a week to see if we can fill the positions and on what terms.

Getting Started

After this we will actively search our network of candidates to fill the vacancy(s).